Enhanced Virtual Reality for Upper-limb Rehabilitation

Patient Engagement Reimagined

HappenVR aims to be an advanced virtual reality and haptic interface for physical and recreational therapy. By integrating tactile and force feedback technologies with immersive virtual reality, HappenVR empowers patients to better engage in their rehabilitation and improve their recovery.

HappenVR glove has a minimalistic mechanical design but is equipped with powerful tactile and force feedback systems for each finger

HappenVR glove directly integrates with Oculus and Leap Motion for hand tracking and visual feedback systems

Core Features

With these 4 main technologies, HappenVR significantly reduces the time and efforts that patients spend on rehabilitation while delivering quality recovery metrics. Patients can use our onboard sensors to directly track hand movements and range in the comfort of their own home. Our software also learns the training progress and automatically adjusts the exercise difficulty.

Visual Feedback

Tactile Feedback

Force Feedback

Expert Metrics

Our Mission

Happen seeks to bridge the technological gap between therapists and rehabilitation programs. Our team will work closely with therapists in order to develop personalized VR therapeutic games and modules for their patients, while also providing pre-developed VR rehabilitation modules on Happen’s online store.


The HappenVR team has experience working in related companies, including IDEO, Tesla, Pebble, University of Waterloo, and BMW.

Jacob Shin

Si Te Feng

Sunaal Mathew

Benjamin Lambert

Hernan Gomez

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Enhanced Virtual Reality for Medical Therapy

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